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Create a Government for Iraq: American Government Problem-Based Learning

Introduction: Saddam has been defeated and the United States has promised the Iraqi people that we will help them create a viable government to replace the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. The United States thinks that Turkey’s government might serve as a possible model for a future Iraqi government. You have been asked to submit a recommendation to the Ruling Council of Iraq as to the feasibility of creating a government for Iraq that would be based on Turkey’s government and constitution. You must create a plan that will bring peace and prosperity to the troubled land of Iraq.

The task: Your job is to win the plan that will become the government of Iraq. To be awarded the contract to create the government you must complete the required form listed below. the council wants to make sure you don’t waste their time so you must fill out the OFFICIAL APPLICATION FORM to show you are a qualified political scientist. You will then make a formal presentation about your plan for a new Iraq.

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