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World War I in the Middle East – Museum Research Project

Description from CMES website:

The Middle East played a major role in World War I, and, conversely, the war was important in shaping the development of the modern Middle East. One might even say that World War I began and ended with Middle East-related conflicts (1914 Sarajevo assassination related to the declining Ottoman Empire – 1923 Treaty of Lausanne with Turkey, the Ottoman Empire’s successor). This active-learning lesson helps students to learn more about World War I and the modern Middle East, both of which are important parts of the high school curriculum. Students meet important academic standards in Geography, World History, and English: increasing their reading, research, and presentation skills, working collaboratively on a research project, and presenting it to their school colleagues and parents. The creation of a Museum of the Middle East in World War I can be a stand-alone project; however, it would work particularly well as part of a greater collaborative (possibly school-wide) museum on World War I as a whole.

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