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Arab Culture through Literature and Film

Arab Culture through Literature and Film is a five unit high school curriculum that provides students with knowledge and tools to analyze and understand the Arab world. The materials utilize a student-centered pedagogical approach that promotes critical thinking and respect and encourages engaged global citizenship. Through this curriculum, students will recognize shared themes across the region and gain a sense of the rich diversity inherent to the multidimensional cultures of the Arab world. Students will study life and culture in the Arab world and engage with primary sources including films, short stories, and poems. Exposing students to Arab voices and putting human faces on the Arab world will increase understanding and tolerance in the American classroom.

The units are listed below:

- Unit 1: Introduction to the Arab World
- Unit 2: Religious Expression
- Unit 3: Language and Ethnicity
- Unit 4: Gender Roles
- Unit 5: Daily Life: Kinship, Marriage and Family

Portland State University - Middle East Studies Center
Elisheva Cohen and Ruth McDonough