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Arabic Language Arts - Can Dos for Dual Language Immersion Programs

This document provides initial guidelines for educator instruction on Arabic literacy/Arabic language arts for students
in Arabic Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs across grades K-6.

This document was created by a team of educators from different DLI Arabic programs across the United States. The following document is intended to be adapted according to your school’s model.

The document includes benchmarks for all skill levels: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing for each individual grade level (K-6).

The document and benchmarks are available in both English and Arabic.

Attached as supporting documents are the benchmarks for each individual grade level for quick reference and download.

Qatar Foundation International
Naglaa Elbadawi, Mimi Met, Dawn Samples, Caroline Daoud, Fadwa Kharbatly, Layla Bahar Al-Aloom, Maha Afifi, Mazina Chamseddine, Mervat Ibrahim and Najah Hijazi