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Curriculum Unit: Our Shared Past in the Mediterranean

This teaching resource offers a unique approach to world history. Rather than highlighting geographic areas as distinct civilizations and/or nations, these materials introduce the history of the Mediterranean region by focusing on shared cultural, economic, religious and social practices that informed society at the time.

The website includes six teaching modules with multiple detailed lesson plans covering the Mediterranean region from its formation through to the present. Each module comes with an introductory overview and its classroom applications. Each module can be downloaded for use.

Six Modules:
1. Framing the Mediterranean in Space and Time
2. The Mediterranean and Beyond in Antiquity
3. Becoming Global and Staying Local: The Mediterranean from 300-1500 CE
4. Mediterranean Transformations in a Changing Global Context, 1450-1800
5. Reform and Social Change in the Mediterranean, 1798-1914
6. The Modern Mediterranean, 1945-Present

The Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies, George Mason University
Dr. Susan Douglass, Jonathan Even-Zohar, Craig Perrier, Barbara Petzen, Joan Brodsky Schur, Tom Verde