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Arabic Language

Energizers ôÉô

These are some energizers originally part of the responsive classroom. They have been changed to meet the needs of Arabic language teachers. They can also be part of any lesson plan as activities to practice numbers, new words or even some Arab authentic games.

Responsive classroom is a way of building community in our classrooms. It is more about classroom management and teaching style than teaching the Arabic language. But, it can be easily modified to meet your need as an arabic teacher.

There are six teaching strategies based on Responsive classroom :

  1. Morning Meeting: A daily routine that builds community, creates a positive climate for learning, and reinforces academic and social skills.
  2. Rules and Logical Consequences: A clear and consistent approach to discipline that fosters responsibility and self-control.
  3. Guided Discovery: A format for introducing materials that encourages inquiry, heightens interest, and teaches care of the school environment.
  4. Academic Choice: An approach to giving children choices in their learning that helps them become invested, self-motivated learners.
  5. Classroom Organization: Strategies for arranging materials, furniture, and displays to encourage independence, promote caring, and maximize learning and positive social interaction.
  6. Family Communication Strategies: Ideas for involving families as true partners in their children's education.