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"Get Control of Your Weight"

This page from Namat magazine gives readers information about the components of a healthy diet. The following are ways in which teachers can use it with students:


  • Have students practice guessing new words and plurals like لحوم and زيوت from context using visual clues.
  • Ask students to skim the information about what constitutes a healthy diet and then give simple reasons they agree or disagree with the recommendations, orally or in writing (novice students can give simple statements like "نعم، الدجاج صحي." or “لا، أنا نباتي” while intermediate and advanced students can try to get more information from the article and give more sophisticated opinions).
  • Ask students to exchange information orally about the most recent meal they ate; their partner can evaluate how healthy the meal is based on the “nutrition plate” on the second page.
Namat Magazine