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"I Am Syria": Resources and Lesson Plans for Teaching About the Syrian Refugee Crisis

I Am Syria is a not-for-profit educational site created by educators to provide classroom-ready, Common-Core friendly, lessons as well as background resources/materials to effectively teach about the Syrian refugee crisis.

Lessons are designed primarily for secondary Social Studies or English educators; however, there is also section specifically designed for teaching about the crisis to elementary school-aged students.

Most lessons are designed for a one day class or a three day mini-unit, with an accompanying instructional video that provides a majority of the content for the educator.

Some of the major materials for educators on this site are:

- A teacher-produced instructional video that does the heavy lifting content-wise, allowing you as the classroom leader to follow-up with a copy-ready Student Packet, Power Point, and homework.
- Films and experiences designed to humanize the crisis with accompanying activities*
- Background resources, supplementary materials and teaching strategies
- A Take Action Toolkit that encourages your students to critically think about the situation and become a part of the solution assisting refugees.
- Discussion guides, reading and writing assignments for older students designed to debate the foreign policy issues using primary sources.
- Strategies and resources for educating young learners on the crisis.

*Please note that some film clips depict real-life scenes that some students may find uncomfortable

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