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Arabic Language

Jusuur Arabic Language Program Book 1: Ahlan wa sahlan (أهلا وسهلا)

In partnership with Georgetown University Press, QFI sponsored a series of Arabic language videos for educators and students to accompany its new “Jusuur Textbook”. The accompanying video series is an excellent classroom resource for teachers looking to integrate new linguistic and cultural activities in the classroom.

This video is a compilation of 8 short scenes focusing on different ways Ahlan wa-sahlan is used.

Suggested In-Classroom Activity:

- Vocabulary in focus: أهلا وسهلا

- How is “ahlan wa-sahlan” being used? By whom? What is the English translation that you would give to “ahlan wa-sahlan” in the scene? What is the Arabic response (if any) to this phrase in the scene?

Georgetown University Press
Sarah Standish, Richard Cozzens, and Rana Abdul-Aziz