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Arabic Language

Jusuur Arabic Language Program Book 1: How are you, everybody? (كيف حالكم يا جماعة)

In partnership with Georgetown University Press, QFI sponsored a series of Arabic language videos for educators and students to accompany its new “Jusuur Textbook”. The accompanying video series is an excellent classroom resource for teachers looking to integrate new linguistic and cultural activities in the classroom.

This video focuses on body language and gestures when greeting people.

Suggested in-classroom activity:

- Before watching the video, have students imagine that a family friend is visiting their household. What kind of body language would each member of their household use to greet this person? Have students act this out in front of the classroom, using the Arabic greetings they know at this point. Have a discussion about the body language and gestures that are used in different households in the classroom and the reasons behind them.

- As they watch the video, have students observe the body language and movements used to greet this guest. What do they notice? After the discussion, have students create skits in which the members of their household greet a newly arrived Arab visitor to their country in a culturally appropriate way.

Georgetown University Press
Sarah Standish, Richard Cozzens, and Rana Abdul-Aziz