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Jusuur Arabic Language Program Book 1: How are you? (كيفك؟)

In partnership with Georgetown University Press, QFI sponsored a series of Arabic language videos for educators and students to accompany its new “Jusuur Textbook”. The accompanying video series is an excellent classroom resource for teachers looking to integrate new linguistic and cultural activities in the classroom

This video is a compilation of 3 scenes focusing on the Levantine “how are you?”/ كيفك and the response to it.

Suggested In-Class Activity:
- Vocabulary in focus: كيفك and response.

- Every week or two in class, introduce a new way to either ask or respond to “How are you?” first in Levantine Arabic and later expanding to other regions and countries. Don’t forget to give them the language to express this, from being excellent to having a bad day.

- You can do this by using songs, social media posts you come across, or compiling clips from movies or television serials.

Georgetown University Press
Sarah Standish, Richard Cozzens, and Rana Abdul-Aziz