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Jusuur Arabic Language Program Book 1: University registration (التسجيل في الجامعة)

In partnership with Georgetown University Press, QFI sponsored a series of Arabic language videos for educators and students to accompany its new “Jusuur Textbook”. The accompanying video series is an excellent classroom resource for teachers looking to integrate new linguistic and cultural activities in the classroom.

In this video, a student answers some basic questions about himself in order to register at a university.

Suggested In-Classroom Activity:

Vocabulary in focus: greetings, forming questions with شو/ من وين/ كم, giving name, phone number, age, email and place of origin.

In order to get students to practice forming the questions in this listening and in answering basic information about themselves, play a game similar to Jeopardy where students have to create a question after hearing a statement. Place students in groups. Call out some statements like “My name is Sarah.”; “I’m 15 years old.”; “My email is” After each statement, have the groups formulate the question that would generate this response. You can use an online board if you’d like. Help students pay attention to gender agreement.

Extension activity:
In this activity, students will play either the role of a club representative or a student seeking to sign-up for a club.

Make or have students create fake identities that include:
- name
- place of origin
- age
- telephone number
- email

Create a handout that includes a table where students can write down this information.

Have half the class be a club representative taking down the “new member” information and the other half give the information using their new identities. Allocate a specific amount of time for students to exchange the information. Students who jot down the most accurate info can get recognition or a prize. Have students switch roles and repeat.

Georgetown University Press
Sarah Standish, Richard Cozzens, and Rana Abdul-Aziz