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Jusuur Arabic Language Program Book 1: Yasmeen’s hobbies, Levantine dialect (هوايات ياسمين، العامية) (without images)

In partnership with Georgetown University Press, QFI sponsored a series of Arabic language videos for educators and students to accompany its new “Jusuur Textbook”. The accompanying video series is an excellent classroom resource for teachers looking to integrate new linguistic and cultural activities in the classroom.

A young woman discuss her hobbies in Levantine/Jordanian Arabic.

Suggested In-Classroom Activity:

Have students mimic the video by creating their own monologue discussing their hobbies. For more complexity, they can mention the day of the week or time of day they usually take part in these activities. Have them use props.

Note: This video can also be watched without images/photographs.

To watch this video in Modern Standard Arabic see video: "Yasmeen’s hobbies, MSA (هوايات ياسمين، الفصحى)"

Vocabulary in focus: hobbies

Georgetown University Press
Sarah Standish, Richard Cozzens, and Rana Abdul-Aziz