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Kurds: A People without a Country

Purpose/Connection to the Curriculum: This lesson is designed for high school Social Studies classes and meets numerous World History and Geography standards: on the post-World War I treaties, the independence movements in developing nations, regional and human systems developments, and the ways in which both physical and human geography affect historical developments. The lesson also helps student improve their research and writing skills as well as their facility in problem solving and critical thinking.

Overview: The lesson begins with a lecture/presentation about the Kurds and their history/geography (materials included). Students are then asked to divide into pairs, randomly choose a place and a time in modern Kurdish history in which their character will live, do some research on that historical situation, fill out the research question guide and the options pros and cons guide, and write a detailed letter explaining what actions their fictional character plans to take and why. Note: The instructor may use the powerpoint presentation without requiring the students to do the research/creative writing assignment. However, engaging students intellectually and creatively is recommended.

Lisa Adeli