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Lesson Plan: "Protests, Revolutions, and Democratic Change" - Brown Choices Program

This is the third lesson in a series from Brown University’s The Choices Program, following lessons focused on events in Egypt (found in section F below). In this lesson, students find online news articles in small groups to examine the causes and effects of mass protests in various countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Each group focuses on a different nation, sharing what they have learned with the rest of the class. Although this lesson was written shortly after the uprisings began, it can easily be used as a model for cooperative learning that expands past the first few months of the Arab Uprising.

Core objectives of this lesson include:

- Surveying the current political situation in North Africa and the Middle East.
- Considering the role of the United States and international community and analyze the potential effects of the protests on democracy and stability in the Middle East and North Africa.
- Identifying the political geography of the region.
- Collaborating with classmates to research and present information about countries in the region.

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