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My Neighborhood: Film and Classroom Discussion Guide

My Neighborhood is a film produced by Just Vision, a nonprofit organization that supports Palestinians
and Israelis who pursue freedom, dignity, security and peace using nonviolent means.

The film tells the true story of Mohammed El Kurd, an 11 year old Palestinian boy from East Jerusalem. After Mohammed and his family are displaced by Israeli settlers, they join with other neighborhood residents to hold unarmed protests. Several Israeli supporters join the protests and, simultaneously, build friendships with Mohammed and his family.

Attached to this resource is a discussion guide and other resources that supplement teaching with this film. This discussion guide is can be used to hold a screening of the film in your classroom and hold a constructive conversation around the film’s key themes. It provides background information and discussion questions about the situation in East Jerusalem today, and about the efforts of

In the appendices you will find additional Just Vision materials including a supplemental lesson
plan about nonviolence, an in-depth FAQ, and quotes faith leaders may choose to incorporate in
their sermons. Some of these materials rely upon excerpts from interviews available

Just Vision
Film: Julia Bacha and Rebekah Wingert-Jabi; Discussion Guide: Just Vision