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Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story: A Multidisciplinary Examination of Culture and Lunar Cycles

Purpose: This unit is an excellent opportunity to explore Islamic culture and include Muslims in cultural holiday studies. Recognizing that every moment in the classroom is precious this unit uses a multidisciplinary approach integrating reading and listening comprehension, writing, science, math and social studies, allowing teachers to more easily incorporate social studies and science into the curriculum. By detailing two core lessons with detailed extensions, teachers have the ability to navigate where they need, while reinforcing the social studies component. In order to make the lesson adaptable to multiple levels, there are basic instructions for a variety of levels as well as extensions to extend the lesson to levels beyond. The materials included for this unit allow teachers to adequately teach to a variety of levels and meet students’ needs individually within a classroom setting. The materials are provided in Word format so that the teacher may make the necessary adjustments for his/her classroom. Each of the attached materials also has corresponding notes indicating possible changes that may be made to the template, providing for the adjustment of different student levels and needs.

Laura Provencher