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Pamphlet on Traditional Qatari Women's Clothing

These illustrations come from a pamphlet on traditional Qatari women's clothing. The following are ways in which teachers can use it with students:

  • Ask students to create more illustrations for the pamphlet based on what they understand of the text (novice students are more likely to understand the headings than any of the details).
  • Find pictures of Qatari women today and ask students to compare and contrast Qatari women’s clothing in the past and today using the pictures in the pamphlet; you can use this to make a broader point that even though Americans may consider the hijab “traditional,” the way that women dress in the Middle East has been extremely varied historically. (You can extend this project by asking students to search for information on the way that men's and women’s clothing in other Arab countries has varied over time and present any photos they find in class using the Arabic that they know.)
Qatari Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Heritage