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Rethinking the Region: Arts and Technology

Arts and technology have been important elements of cultural production in the Middle East and North Africa throughout time. In these three lessons, students have the opportunity to analyze music, art, and technology as a way of understanding the people and culture of the region.  Further, students will consider how historians have represented the region and what alternative narratives emerge through cultural elements and artifacts.  In the first lesson, students listen to and analyze two important Egyptian songs by Sayed Darwish. In the second lesson, students will examine the circulation of ideas, objects and practices in the STEM field. In the third lesson, students engage with artistic artifacts and consider what they can tell us about society in a given historical period.

Maria Hantzopoulos, Monisha Bajaj, Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher, Roozbeh Shirazi, Zeena Zakharia