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Arabic Language

Scope and Sequence for "Biographies" Intermediate Unit

This is a scope and sequence meant to be used by teachers of intermediate level Arabic language students, for planning a unit around "biographies". Goals include:

  1. Inform others about the life of a famous person
  2. Compare the life history of a family member through an interview
  3. Write a biography of a family member
  4. Read and understand a variety of biographies of Arab personalities
  5. Recognize the biography genre using its features
  6. Gain an understanding about many different people and their contributions or accomplishments
  7. Understand and use the writing process
  8. Identify and understand ways biographies are researched and written
  9. Research the lives of famous Arabs in history
  10. Ask and respond to questions related to the topic
  11. Apply new vocabulary words to talk about the lives of others
  12. Read and write key words and use them in meaningful sentences to form paragraphs describing the lives of others
  13. Role play the lives of famous historical Arab figures
  14. Conduct interviews with peers role-playing famous personalities