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Scope and Sequence for "The Environment" Intermediate Unit

This is a scope and sequence meant to be used by teachers of intermediate level students, for planning a unit around "the environment". Goals include:
1. Identify the different types of pollution.

2. Discuss causes of air, water, land, soil and noise pollution.

3. Describe and write about air, water, soil, land and noise pollutions and its effect on our health.

4. Write an essay about environmental pollution in parts of the Arab World and compare it with that in the U.S.

5. Research how increasing population and certain human activities contributed towards environmental pollution and global


6. Discuss ways to protect the environment.

7. Discuss e-waste and its effects.

8. Tell how environmental pollution has affected our health.

9. Describe things in simple short sentences.

10. Describe pictures related to environment and pollution.

11. Apply newly learned vocabulary and functional chunks in class discussion and writing.

12. Write simple paragraph about the topic I like.

13. Read works of literary and cultural criticism and deploy ideas from these texts in their own speaking and writing.

14. Express their own ideas and informed opinions after conducting research and reading literary texts