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Arabic Language

Scope and Sequence for "School and Education" Intermediate Unit

This is a scope and sequence for teachers of intermediate level students of Arabic. This document can be used to plan a unit for school and education. The student goals include:

1. Describe their school day and the different subjects and activities they do using present tense and possessive pronouns

2. Discuss likes and dislikes and talk about interests and preferences

3. Use negation properly to talk about what subjects they don’t like

4. Apply new vocabulary words to talk about school and role play conversation scenarios

5. Ask and respond to questions about school

6. Read and write key words and form sentences

7. Use the future tense to talk about future goals and college plans

8. Use prepositions of time and place to discuss your choice of college

9. Compare and contrast schools and education in the U.S and the Arab World

10. Recognize and use properly the Idafa structure