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Arabic Language

Scope and Sequence for "Social and Family Relationship" Intermediate Unit

This is a scope and sequence meant to be used by teachers of intermediate level Arabic language students, for planning a unit around "social and family relationships". Goals include:
1. Recall vocabulary related to relationships (kinship, family, friendship, formal, casual)

2. Use phrases and sentences to describe family members, their relationships, their states of affairs, and their feelings.

3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of specified themes in social and cultural organization

4. Understand social relations and how people coexist.

5. Understand what constitute identity.

6. Understand main ideas and some details in short topics related to society.

7. Discuss social issues using simple expressions.

8. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of traditions and rituals as well as main beliefs through the media and articles.

9. Write an article about social and religious traditions in the Arab World.

10. Compare and contrast Western and Arab societies.

11. Apply knowledge of grammar in speaking and writing.

12. Gain knowledge of leading authors of short stories in modern Arabic literature

13. Retell/rewrite a story

14. Improve competency in oral communication skills through discussions and presentations in formal and informal settings.