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Shark Tank – Middle East Competition

This lesson is a “workplace” simulation that requires students to build their research, writing, and presentation skills, while learning more about the Middle East. Students are expected to gather information and then apply it in a creative way. Students play the role of interns at a company developing fast food concepts in a global market. Each “intern” (or “intern team” of 2 students) is assigned a Middle Eastern country and directed to research and create a proposal for establishing a Western-style fast food or coffee, snack, or dessert place in their assigned country. Each individual or team has three tasks: – write a 2-3 page, easy-to-research (but hard to plagiarize!) research paper with a bibliography in MLA format – develop a persuasive, creative, and well-thought-out proposal – present the proposal as a formal presentation with visuals before the Shark Tank The lesson, therefore, demonstrates the interrelationship of Social Studies content (global studies, geography, history) and English skills (reading, writing, research, presentation). It challenges students to think creatively and to write and present persuasively. It also helps students develop skills needed to compete in the 21st century global market.

Lisa Adeli


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