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Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: A Library of Classroom Practices - Arabic

Annenberg Learner and Qatar Foundation International (QFI) partnered to create “Teaching Arabic in the United States” – a free online collection of videos to advance best practices in K-12 Arabic language instruction.

These videos demonstrate what good teaching looks like, highlighting many of the effective practices that real teachers use and provide examples of successful methods and styles used by teachers in classrooms like yours. The seven videos feature teachers from different backgrounds in regions across the country. Elementary, middle, and high school classes are all represented, in both public and public charter schools.

The videos address some of the greatest needs identified by teachers in the following areas: differentiated instruction; using a learner-centered approach; and integrating instruction of culture, content, and language. Support materials with each video provide insights into lesson design, prompts to connect video content to your teaching, and resources to help teachers develop their own lessons, classroom activities, and teaching materials for a range of student competency levels.

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Annenberg Learner and Qatar Foundation International