Resource Section
Arabic Language

Thematic Unit - Families and Communities: Cities

This is a thematic unit for learners at the Novice-High and Intermediate-Low levels.

This unit is designed to last 4-6 weeks at 50 min. per day.

Through this unit students will be able to complete the following in the target language:

- Recognize different cities around the world.
- Describe the city.
- Give and follow directions in the city using the Arabic language.
- Ask and answer questions about their cities.
- Express opinion and justify.
- Compare between a city in the USA and one from Arab speaking countries.

The unit includes authentic resources including online and print material, different integrations of technology, connections to Common Core Standards as well as performance-based assessments.

Qatar Foundation International
Muna Arafat, Fatima Maghdaoui, and Hana Mahmoud