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Traditional Song: Heyya Bayya

This song presents history and culture combined and  shows the traditional song "Hayya Beyya." Children traditionally sing this song during the "Waqfa" time which is the day before the first day of the big Eid. This video shows how children make a plant pot to grow small plants, and how they decorate it. This pot is used to grow mostly grains. Children vow to take care of the pant. On the day of "Waqfa," children usually gather near the Gulf sea and sing the traditional song waiving their pots near the sea. This tradition is performed in countries such as Qatar and Bahrain. Below are some lyrics of the song in the Qatari dialect :
حيـــه بيـــــة
راحت حيـــــه
ويات بيـــــه
على درب الحنينه
عشيتج غديتج
نهار العيد لا تدعين عليه