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Understanding Migration: Curriculum Resources for the Classroom

This curricular resource, Understanding Migration, helps teachers explore issues related to human migration in the social studies classroom in an easy–to–follow manner, with clear lesson objectives and outcomes. Essential questions are addressed by using a case study approach looking at the phenomenon of migration in a global context. These regional case studies feature migration issues faced by countries in the Middle East including Palestinian refugees and Egyptian migration.

According to the developers of this curriculum, "the unit allows maximum flexibility on the part of the classroom teacher: modular in design, any section (or case study within a section) can be used individually or in combination with other sections.

Based on previous coverage of the topic and the academic level of your students, you may incorporate as many or as few activities as support your learning goals."

Hemispheres - The International Outreach Consortium at the University of Texas at Austin
Natalie Arsenault, Dr. Christopher Rose, Allegra Azulay, Terry Giles, Rachel Meyer and Jordan Phillips