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War and Remembrance

Description from the CMES website:

Overview: The lesson begins with a discussion of how to interpret visual memorials (Powerpoint pictures and explanations included) using two case studies: memorialization of the Armenian genocide in Armenia and of the Vietnam War in both Vietnam and the U.S. Then, students are divided into groups and directed to research (very briefly) a specific Middle Eastern conflict or event. Next, they examine how that event has been commemorated by a population who has participated in it and, finally, design a memorial for a different audience. The group shares its work with other students in one of several ways: creating websites (not connected to the internet), making a very short documentary, or giving an oral presentation using either a powerpoint or a poster as illustration. To extend the lesson, the student groups could look at a recent conflict, such as the one in Iraq or in Afghanistan, and develop plans for two different memorials of the same war: one to stand in the Middle Eastern country (Iraq or Afghanistan), one in the U.S.

Lisa Adeli