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Webinar: Promoting Personal Well-Being in The SEL Classroom

This 1.5 hour session gave an opportunity for Arabic educators in the US to share their thoughts, experiences, and challenges that have occurred throughout 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the help of FreetheMind Co.’s Co-Founder Kim Dobrin and Alaa Hedeeb, an Arabic educator and FreetheMind Co. associate, Arabic educators heard about best practices for incorporating SEL skills outside the classroom for their own personal well-being.

Webinar participants shared some practices they are incorporating in life that are helping to maintain well-being. Whether it is taking a walk when the weather is nice, cooking their favorite Arab dish at home to make up for Ramadan get-togethers, or bonding with their students as everyone navigates the challenges caused by the pandemic, everyone has their avenue for taking a break, checking in with themselves and monitoring what brings them peace.

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Kim Dobrin and Alaa Hedeeb
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