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Webinar Series - Use of Technology for Arabic Educators

This webinar series focuses on the use of technology for Arabic teachers in the United Kingdom.

Speaker Joe Dale is an independent languages consultant from the UK and a recognized expert on technology and language learning.

Webinar 1: Integrating formative assessment into remote language lessons using any device in and out of the classroom to check student progress at KS4

This webinar explores how different cross-platform formative assessment tools can be used to check student progress, give immediate feedback, and identify gaps in knowledge while students are learning remotely.

Webinar Outline:

- Ask questions and check to understand using "Mentimeter"
- Use Google Forms to make self-marking quizzes
- Use Socrative to create self-marking vocabulary tests
- Using Quizizz for remote listening comprehension and gamification

Webinar 2: Maintaining student motivation in a remote teaching context

In this webinar, Joe provides a range of suggestions on how to keep learners motivated during online learning. He showcases some free web tools that can be accessed on any device, be used to promote all four skills and provide feedback.

Webinar Outline:

- Demonstrate how to check in with students at the start of a remote lesson using Mentimeter and encourage students to
describe how they are feeling
- Use QWIQR conversations to practice speaking and provide audio feedback
- Use Google Forms to make self-marking quizzes with written feedback for practicing all four skills
- Using Quizizz for remote listening comprehension and gamification
- Use Quizlet Live for a competitive multiple-choice plenary task

Webinar 3: Creative learning using Bitmojis, making a talking avatar, creating a virtual classroom

In this webinar, Joe demonstrates a variety of way teachers can use bitmoji avatars to enhance language learning and stimulate learner creativity

Webinar Outline:

- Create talking avatars to practice speaking
- Practice write through digital storytelling and narrated dialogues
- Making your own virtual classroom

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