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Webinar: Teaching and Learning Materials for Young Arabic Heritage Speakers – in German Language

*This webinar is in the German Language*

Finding teaching and learning materials for young Arabic heritage speakers is difficult when few textbooks from trusted publishers are available. How do teachers cope with diverse student backgrounds, and how can they take the variety of dialects into account? What makes the old-fashioned textbook so attractive, and how does the content of non-European teaching material correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)?

Three Arabic teachers from Germany present their favorite Arabic teaching materials for young heritage speakers and discuss what it means to adapt teaching material to a familiar language learning environment.

With Safaa Al Jazzar from the Arabic Heritage Program in Bonn, Asma Zarrug of Heidelberg University, and Shahir Nashed from the language specialist school “Salzmannschule.”

Expolingua Berlin - YouTube Channel
Safaa Al Jazzar, Asma Zarrug and Shahir Nashed
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